Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bug

Learning that your home is infested with any type of pest can be a real horror; however, of all the different types of pests that could infest your home, bed bugs are among the worst. They spread, and they spread quickly. Not only do they take over beds, but they can get into every nook and cranny in your home, including sofas, curtains, pillows, rugs and other surface that is dark, warm and where there is access to a food source; human or animal blood.

Bed bugs not only cause nasty bites and rashes that itch horribly and they can spread disease. As if those things aren’t bad enough, what makes an infestation of bed bugs really horrifying is that they are extremely difficult to exterminate. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there is no way around it; you are going to have to call a professional exterminator.

There are various types of treatments that an exterminator can use to combat an infestation of bed bugs, and one of the most effective treatments is heat.

How does treatment for bed bugs work?

Bed bug heat treatment is pretty simple and straightforward: The process involves raising the interior temperature of your home to such an extreme level that it will kill off any bed bugs. While bed bugs do like warm conditions, like most beings, they cannot tolerate excessive heat.

What is the benefit of heat treatment for bed bugs?

There are a few benefits of heat treatments for bed bugs. Firstly, the heat will reach all areas of your home, which makes it 100% effective. Other treatment methods may not be able to infiltrate every crack, cranny and surface, which means that adult bed bugs or their eggs could be left behind. All you need is one adult or one egg left behind and your home will be infiltrated again in no time.

Another major benefit of heat treatment for bed bugs is that, unlike other methods, you don’t have to worry about having any residue left behind. Extermination methods that use chemicals can leave behind residues that have the potential to be dangerous to you, your loved ones and your pets. In order to reduce the danger, you have to make sure that the premises and all items within it are thoroughly cleaned before reentering. This cleaning process can take a lot of time, and can be rather costly.

The process of heat treatment for beg bugs

During heat treatment, you, your family members and your pets will have to vacate your home. The temperature will be raised to significant levels, which could be extremely dangerous to you and your loved ones. The treatment will take several hours. To ensure safety, it is best to be out of your home for a period of 24 hours.

Bed bugs are pesky pests. If your home is infested with them, the best way to make sure that you are rid of the problem is with a heat treatment from a professional pest control provider.


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